mat witts

Don't know me?

Well, I've over fifteen years experience as a lead decision-maker, manager, company director, application developer and administrator mainly in the micro (start-up), small, social and community (charitable) enterprise sectors, maintaining oversight on project coordination, systems development, compliance, public advocacy and engagement and other key operations such as financial control.

Right now, I'm probably either:-

  • Researching wicked messes with a particular emphasis on culture and cognition or
  • Building another web app on Linux (Apache), iOS or Android with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) based on (X)HTML(5), CSS(2-3), (My)SQL(i), PHP, JavaScript/Angular/jQuery, Bootstrap or (Geo)JSON or
  • Practising yoga.

I offer:-

  • Expert knowledge of systems and network administration for Linux, POP and IMAP mail, Apache, Tomcat and SQL database servers etc.
  • Expert knowledge of API's from all the usual suspects: Google, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple Developer and Amazon.
  • In-depth knowledge of many popular web packages (Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, CiviCRM, Wiki, Concrete5, phpList, OSCommerce, Zen Cart and many others)
  • Knowledge of network and system security issues
  • Knowledge of GIS and VCS

I am best solving problems on my own initiative, or as part of a small team and can manage contributions from non-technical or inter-departmental co-workers and volunteers too. email

 Free Software Foundation Europe Fellow  Free Software Foundation Member