What's yuj.it?

Now in BETA. Read the documentation for more details.

We take it to mean 'embrace' or 'extend'1

  1. This is not an original concept. In Vedic Sanskrit, 'yuj' takes a broad range of meanings from 'employ', 'apply' and 'perform' to 'link', 'unite', 'seal' and 'diligence'. 'Sanskrit is the primary culture-bearing language of India, with a continuous production of literature in all fields of human endeavour over the course of four millennnia… constituting the largest cultural heritage that any civilization has produced prior to the invention of the printing press'. (Huet et al, Sanskrit Computational Linguistics / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)]. ↩︎

How does yuj.it work?

yuj.it is designed to collect and distribute geographical data. For more information, read the documentation for more information about the project.

Open standards

yuj.it uses the same open standards used in government initiatives, but even small organizations and individuals can participate simply by embracing and extending the same open data principles.