Company details

Trading name: YUJ IT Informatics Company name: YUJ CIC
Date of Incorporation: 7th August 2003 Date of Conversion to CIC: 19th October 2006
Country of Incorporation: England and Wales Company registration number: 04859621
Business type: Community Interest Company Registered Office: 5, Florence Cottages, Manor Road, Lower Moor, Worcestershire: ENGLAND WR10 2NZ
Nature of Business (SIC): 63120 – Web portals Data Controller REF: ZA131105


Recent financial history

2015 2016
Shareholders Equity £19,398 £17,422
Issued Share Capital £36,810 £36,810
Net worth per share £0.53 £0.47


YUJ CIC is a privately held company which has been completely debt free since 2014. The directors have no plans to take on any debt over the medium term. All our future expenses are expected to be met by income from trading receipts.

More information will be available in due course.

 Annual Accounts